Air Equipment Products Boise, Idaho

If you’re searching for the perfect compressed air system for a job, you’ve come to the right place. At Air Equipment Company, we are fully stocked with a long list of air equipment products. Whether you need affordable compressors, blowers, or vacuum pumps, you can depend on us to provide high-quality products.

Products We Provide

Designed to meet the modern-day needs of our consumers, our stock consists of a variety of products. Our goal is to provide convenience and efficiency to the greater Treasure Valley with our air equipment products.

The products we offer include the following;

Compressed Air Tools and Accessories

Compressed Air Drying & Treatment

Compressed Air System Accessories


Cool Systems – Cooling or Heat Transfer


Portable Compressors


Sand Blasting equipment and media

Stationary Compressors


Vacuum Pumps

For more information on our products, call us at 208-342-2464 today!